Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Services

We do not quote standard rates due to the variability of each engagement and its associated requirements. We aim to provide affordable technology solutions for every client and offer several payment methods to achieve this. Tailoring solutions ensure we maximize our time together at an optimal cost to achieve your tech goals.

Service Availability

IT and cyber security consulting services are available for individuals (residential) and businesses.

Location of Services

A majority of services are delivered virtually through Google Meet. Private co-working spaces will be used for engagements that cannot be delivered virtually. In-person services are available in Bowling Green, KY to Nashville, TN.

Home visits are avoided. This ensures we deliver a focused and consistent client experience, minimizing potential distractions. This also keeps our team safe from protective animals and other potential injuries. However, we’re on board to facilitate a visit when it's vital to fulfilling engagement requirements and the proper precautions are in place.

If your business operates in environments with hazardous conditions that mandate usage of PPE, such as construction, manufacturing, and medical settings, the company must promptly notify Lawless Solutions. PPE should be provided by the business with the exception(s) of: fitted PPE, impact-resistant eyewear (Z87), footwear (anti-slip and steel-toe), hard hat (Class C), and respiratory protection (N95). 

Affiliate Disclosure

Purchasing certain products and services or following links on this site may result in a commision to Lawless Solutions.

We do not favor any product(s) or service(s) based on these commissions. Lawless Solutions exists because of our passion to create tech solutions for you and your business, no cookie-cutter solutions here!

The companies listed on are not affiliated with Lawless Solutions LLC directly or in other business ventures. Any relationship between companies listed on and Lawless Solutions LLC are solely authorized for referring you to their brand, product, or service. Some of these referrals result in a commission for Lawless Solutions LLC. The companies listed on make no warranty or statement of fact based on the information stated on this website. For clarification about any of these relationships, email

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