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Andrew Lawless

Your IT Expert

“See a need, fill a need” - Mr. Bigweld | 2005, Robots.


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Connect with me on Upwork. I use it to deliver independent freelance services directly to clients and businesses. The platform streamlines communication channels, payment arrangements, agreements, contractual relationships, project objectives, and more.

My Hobbies

I spend most of my time working on various projects, reading, and (of course) playing simulation games. City-building and business management games are my favorite, like Cities Skylines or Airline Club, where I build cities from the ground up or manage airlines (MexAir, Air Travelers, and Travel Air) against hundreds of other players. 

My Passion

When I turned five, I got my first computer, a Packard Bell 1995 Legend 822CDT. I remember spending hours exploring features, cracking it open to check out the parts, and sharing my passion with others.

That computer sparked my life-long passion for technology and pursuit of its limitless possibilities.